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The Magic Mushroom and the Stargate

“I am the Snake that giveth Knowledge & Delight and bright glory, and stir the hearts of men with drunkenness. To worship me take wine and strange drugs whereof I will tell my prophet, & be drunk thereof!” Aleister Crowley-The Book of the Law

The Atlantis bull's eye and canal possible popular origin of the red Atlantis C symbol (I will try and connect this image with the magic mushroom)

Plato's account of the layout of Atlantis claims it was constructed by Poseidon in concentric circles of water and land with a large canal extending from the central land element through the circular zones. This “bull's eye” design, which is sometimes identified with a C (because of the canal cutting the circle), can be seen as a symbol for Atlantis. This article by William Henry refers to the Atlantis seal or bull's eye and shows how even the 2004 GOP convention in NewYork possibly contained a veiled reference to the Atlantian C.

Since writing a post about the Isis (Sirius) rituals of 9/11 and finding stargates and wormholes in NASA mission patches, I have been trying to create a comfortable fit for these ideas with my personal views of Atlantis and magic mushrooms. My personal view of Atlantis is that it represents a past age where man and mushroom lived in a sacred union or symbiosis with each other. The destruction of Atlantis represents the separation of this bond and/or the suppression of its knowledge. Rather than a merely technologically impressive age I see a psycho-spiritually advanced human culture traumatized by the loss of its connection to the divine, facilitated in large part by the sacrament of the magic mushroom. Perhaps the impressive ancient structures, such as the ever increasing amount of underwater buildings found around the globe and the mother of all mysteries, the Pyramids of Giza, denote not merely technical wizardry but also magickal proficiency.
Some of these ideas I am happy to discover are not unique but are apparently shared by Graham Hancock in his new book, “Supernatural”. Download an interview including discussion about ancient civilizations and the use of sacred plants with Graham Hancock here
Of importance before we continue with the comparison of Atlantean symbolism with magic mushroom use, we may note that as well as the fall of man into the “nightmare of history,” (as Terence McKenna would say), the mushroom provides the possible connection between primitive man (or even primordial?) and modern semantic symbol-manipulating man. McKenna frequently commentated about the possibility that the missing link in the evolution of man into what we are today could be attributed to the introduction of entheogenic (god manifesting) plants and the diet of pre-man. I like to think of the image of the humanoid monkey creatures from "2001: A Space Odyssey" coming into contact with the black monolith (the mushroom) and being influenced to use tools.

William Henry says in his lectures, which you can view online at Google Video, that the bull's eye symbol is the two dimensional representation of the three dimensional phenomena of the wormhole or stargate.

The bull's eye symbol is found in many ancient cultures and he believes these are symbols of the stargate and are interchangeable with the concept of the Holy Grail and the Ark. The key to the stargate he says is the Blue Apples, represented by the occult grapes, the hermetic caduceus and Egyptian crux ansata.

Poussins "Autumn, or the Grapes of the Promised Land". Note the ladder (DNA) comming out of the grapes (blue apples or magic mushrooms) and up into the world tree and the heavens (blue sky with clouds).

I think it’s plausible that the key is the same key I talked about in this blog post, the magic mushroom.
The blue connection is provided by knowing that psilocybin-type mushrooms are particularly identified by their tendency to bruise blue.

All of the psilocybin species described herein may be most conclusively identified by an enzyme that occurs with the psilocybin. This enzyme turns blue through an oxidation process after the flesh of the mushroom is damaged. Crack the stem to check for the reaction, which takes from 20 to 120 minutes to occur. The blue is similar to blue ink, unless the flesh of the mushroom is yellowish, in which case the color will appear blue-green. All psilocybin mushrooms (with the exception of one uncommon species that is not covered in this manual) turn blue in this manner.

Jan Irvin and Andrew Rutajit in their video lecture, the Pharmacratic Inquisition, identify Jesus, Mithra, the Virgin Mary and the blue Hindu deity Krishna with aspects of the magic mushroom. William Henry in the Atlantis article linked above shows us a fascinating painting of Jesus standing in front of concentric circles (possible stargate) again as a blue deity.

Further in the Pharmacratic Inquisition we learn how the symbols attributed to these deities, like the cross, the caduceus and the dove are aspects of the magic mushroom.

This account from Terence McKenna is pivitol to the argument. Here is McKenna’s retelling of his brother's encounter with a stargate!

Dennis’ story was the classic description of a shamanic night journey. He said that he had gone to the chorro and had meditated in the mission cemetery we had visited before. He had begun to return to the camp when he confronted a particularly large Inga tree near where the path skirted the edge of the mission. On impulse, he had climbed it, aware as he did that the ascent of the world tree is the central motif of the Siberian shamanic journey. As he climbed the tree, he felt the flickering polarities of many archetypes, and as he reached the highest point in his accent, something that he called “the vortex” opened ahead of him-a swirling, enormous doorway into time. He could see the Cyclopean megaliths of Stonehenge and beyond them, revolving at a different speed and at a higher plane, the outlines of the pyramids, gleaming and marble-faceted as they had not been since the days of pharaonic Egypt. And yet further into the turbulent maw of the vortex, he saw mysteries that were ancient long before the advent of man-titanic archetypal on worlds unimagined by us, the arcane machinery of sentient agencies that swept through this part of the galaxy when our planet was young and its surface barely cooled. This machinery, these gibbering abysses, touched with the cold of interstellar space and aeon-consuming time, rushed down upon him. He fainted, and time-who can say how much time-passed by him. Terence McKenna-True Hallucinations

I wanted to quote that entire piece as it is a vivid example of how no technology-at least, the westernized concept of technology-was required to open a vortex or stargate. The human body and psychedelic plants, here primarily the magic mushroom, were enough. He had the key (the magic mushroom) the ladder (the chakra system fueled with prana/orgone by meditation) and the physical talisman endowed with spiritual significance (the tree). It is also a beautiful passage that ignites the imagination and I feel is the highlight of entire book.

William Henry recognizes the human body as a stargate tool, the completely activated chakra system being the fractally self-similar* pillar, ark and tablet he believes necessary to open the gate. I am perfectly happy to accept that scientific technologies can or have been developed to facilitate the opening of doors to other dimensions or space/time locations but think it’s important to note that the prepared shaman and his human body is enough. Quite possibly, in some extreme cases, the need for the “Blue Apples” or entheogenic plants is even unnecessary.

I like to think of this (Dennis' stargate ordeal) as an example of how we need not get too hung up on ancient Edenic, Atlantean, Egyption and crucifixion possible stargate events. These events can and quite possibly are happening right now as I believe some NASA mission patches and crop circles allude to.

Note the white C shaped possible wormhole allusion in the bottom of the STS-115 patch and yellow C in the STS-107 patch (Click in image to enlarge). A little later we will see these, and other, shapes in new crop circles.

*Fractal self-similar themes are ideas like the human pillar or chakra system as analogous to the Atlantean, Masonic and Kabbalistic middle pillar. The pillar is also the fractal representation of the caduceus and in its turn the magic mushroom. In other words, the magic mushroom is interchangeable for all the pillars we find in this stargate or wormhole discussion, the same way DNA, hurricanes and galaxies are fractal representations of each other. The stargate itself can be seen as a fractal self-similar DNA double helix, hurricane and galaxy. This goes a long way to explain the snake, coil and spiral imagery present on all levels of this stargate idea. The gods (like the blue Jesus and Krishna), many with serpent, amphibian and fish connections seem probable fractals of the gate and the mushroom itself.

Gilgamesh in the waterdoor on an Akkadian seal.

The theme of water and its strong connection to the stargate and magic mushroom is supported by the idea that the gate or vortex itself looks mercurial or like quicksilver when opened. Jesus walks on the water and Dennis McKenna sees “a swirling, enormous doorway into time” and “the turbulent maw of the vortex”. The “Stargate” film and popular television show portrays the gate as a giant circular water door. Remember Neo in “The Matrix,” dipping his finger into the melting mirror before entering the real world, evoking Alice's journey through the looking glass? On the cover of Terence McKenna’s, “True Hallucinations,” we see the magic mushroom with a waterfall coming out of its cap.

Water is the sacramental fluid you drink from the magic mushroom during its Holy Grail stage and also the urine of the reindeer the Siberian Shaman would drink, its slight poison having been neutralized thus. In the Pharmacratic Inquisition, the urine-drinking ritual is speculated to be the true source of the sacramental wine (as the saviors’ blood) Christians drink during mass.

The shape of the red amanita muscaria magic mushroom during its many stages of growth is telling as synonymous with stargate themes and symbols.
The egg stage is when the mushroom is round or oval, similar to the serpent egg (philosophers stone) or Vesica Pisces.

The egg, a step up the spiral fractal, in the sphere of the human body is the astral egg seen by mystics as surrounding the human body.

Notice how the astral egg's outline, in this particular image by Alex Grey, forms what looks like a set of wings. Could this be a reason why the wings are present around pictorial representations of the cosmic egg and the possible stargate (a fractal of the sun) in the Egyption and Sumerian solar orbs or winged discs?

Above we see the oval egg surrounded with serpent and spread wings on one of Crowley's Thoth tarot cards.

Jesus with halo inside the oval egg of the stargate (William Henry refers to this version as the "eye," another term for gate) shown as the Vesica Pisces (also the vagina down the fractal) found at Chartres Cathedral. Note how the halo causes the outline of the Vesica to look like archangel similar to the Alex Grey painting above.

The bulb state is when the cap resembles the sphere or sun and the circular vortex.

I pointed out in an earlier blog post (The key to Atlantis, the Magic Mushroom) how it is interesting to realize that Tiamat, the fabled second sun, is similar to the word Amanita.

Next the mushroom turns into what resembles an umbrella.

Here we see one possible connection to the the red Atlantian C symbol, the outline of the cap forming the arch (perhaps connected to the Royal Arch).

Further on to the flat round table which in profile gives us the T or Tau.

Possible progenator of the cross and crux ansata. The mushroom resembles the human body with arms outstretched. It is also the King Arthur round table, a celtic messianic myth.

There is a most extraordinary plate, illustrative of the whole subject, which representation I believe to be anterior to Christianity. It is copied from Moor's Hindu Pantheon, not as a curiosity, but as a most singular monument of the crucifixion. I do not venture to give it a name, other than that of a crucifixion in space. Manly P. Hall-"The Secret Teachings of All Ages"

We see three Tau's combined to form the Freemason symbol of the Royal Arch degree.

A red amanita with the symbol of the mushroom inside the golden circle or gate?

The Triple Tau inside the vortex from the exterior of a Freemason temple.

The final stage is the Holy Grail phase during which the cap has upturned completely and formed the challis.

King Tutankhamun's Alabaster chalice looks like three magic mushrooms to me. Is this an early representation of the three crucifixion crosses?

The gods Anubis and Isis feeding their mortal counterparts the magic mushroom.

The mushroom cap breaks through the universal veil during the egg-shape stage and the veil ends up surrounding the stem or pillar. We can comfortably connect the veil with the idea of “Isis unveiled” and the sash around the single pillar of Jesus’ legs, as he is almost always portrayed on the cross. Headgear worn by divinties such as Jesus’ thorny crown, Cybele's (Isis) Phrygian Liberty cap, Lady Liberty's (Columbia) spiked halo, the pope's red Zucchetto and the blue Egyption Khepresh are all quite probably magic mushroom-related imagery.

Winged Columbia looking at herself on top of the Capital building wearing her mushroom or Liberty cap and C-shaped laurel wreath. For more on Liberty caps, try link to post below.

Columbia, like Isis, travelling through the stargate waters on her celestial mushroom boat. We will see this boat again in a minute. Thanks to Freeman for these pictures.

C-shaped Atlantis hotel complex planned for completion end of 2008 in Dubai, including underwater hotels.

The Red C of Atlantis could very well be the red amanita muscaria in its Holy Grail stage and the source of the ark and arch connected to the stargate.

See the C-shaped arch element in this ancient cylinder seal depicting a speculated stargate event. The goddess Inanna with a snake eminating from her third eye in front of the pillar (magic mushroom).

Here she is again with wings like Columbia holding her C -shaped ring or magic mushroom.

Egyption divine boats used by their gods also have the distinctive C-shape of the magic mushroom and we have already seen how the mushroom can be connected to water.

The Egyption divine boat which looks a lot like the Holy Grail-stage mushroom and King Tut's chalice. It looks like the water pillar is growing out of an egg.

Thank you to the guys at the Gnostic Media forum for pointing me in this direction and for highlighting the above pic. Especially hunchback.

Above we see the boat lifted by a water pillar reminiscent of the Terence McKenna book cover, "True Hallucinations". See the ladder on the boat, the ladder to the stars?

A ladder to the holy light of the stargate and cosmic illumination on Time Magazine, you better believe it!

The C-shape or arch is seen again in modern acounts of wormholes.

Egyption stone carvings at Dendera show reliefs which some believe are proof of ancient Egyption mastery of electricity, as they have the appearence of strange light bulbs.

William Henry calls these serpent jars. They remind me of the jars seen in the hands of Mary Magdalene and other goddess figures like Inanna.

Mary Magdalene by Bernardino Luini, neo Sumerian goddess and a pre-Hispanic Peruvian Wari "Serpent Jar".

My third eye is saying these resonate with the pots of honey Terence McKenna used to talk about in his lectures, that the ancients used to preserve mushrooms in using honey as presrvative. Are these serpent jars the same honey mushroom pots?

Here's the scenario: you have this climax Edenic partnership society based on orgies and mushrooms and herding, and the drying continues. The mushroom becomes less plentiful. It becomes localized. It becomes seasonal. The mushroom festivals become further and further apart. Eventually this is recognized; there is an anxiety to preserve the mushroom. The obvious strategy then is to preserve it in honey. But honey itself has the capacity to turn into a psycho-active substance, mead, a crude alcohol. So what begins as a mushroom-cult, through a sincere effort to preserve the mushroom-cult, turns into a mead-cult a few thousand years later. The mushrooms are spread thinner and thinner, and the honey is more and more the focus. But look at the consequences of an alcohol-cult. Terence McKenna interview
Does this change from entheogenic, sacred and divine plants to the drinking of alcohol go some way to explain the connection of Jesus with grapes and wine instead of mushrooms?

Could this honey mushroom connection explain in part the fascination and veneration of bees by the ancients, still found today in the beehive symbol of the Freemasons and the French Fleur-de-Lis?

Image from Manly P. Hall's "Secret Teachings"
To see the Fleur-de-lis on Time covers as connected to the Canadian maple leaf

A honeybee is also called Apis, the same name of the Egyption bull-diety.

I see no difference between modern psychedelic encounters with gods and aliens induced by entheogenic plants and age-old classic contact events. The stargate events hinted at by the Eden story, the crucifixion, etc have no more import to me than the similar accounts given by modern stargate travellers. Terence Mckenna talked to the mushroom and was given the Time Wave Zero theory, indicating 2012 as the end date of history (without knowledge of the Mayan calender). Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson and Philip K. Dick all give accounts of transmissions from Sirius. Aleister Crowley channelled Aiwass to write "The Book Of The Law". Contact is possible right here and now if we become open to receive it.

Now for some good old conspiracy before we go. The Crest toothpaste company uses the red Atlantean C as their corporate logo.

Note the light from behind the E, just like the occult focus on the 5th letter of the alphabet seen in other logos like Dell's.

A waterdoor or stargate?

Red square and the C for compass, same as in the Freemasonic famous symbol. Maybe we can see the arch of a wormhole with a star in the middle in this "Compass Bank" logo.

More creepy corporate bull's eye logos

A memorial for the alleged Flight 93 crash (pictured above) was to be built, consisting of a huge Red Crescent of maple trees or a C directed towards Mecca (you couldn't make this shit up!). After some people started complaining about this preposed design (incorrectly labelling it as muslim), it has been changed to a giant red circle, somehow bisected with the trajectory of the Flight 93 plane. Sounds like they have changed the symbol from a C-shaped wormhole into an Atlantian bull's eye to me. Good job! The memorial is to be inducted on Sept 11, 2010 or 2011.

Thanks to Pedro Santos for pointing this resemblance out. Stargate and the NASA STS-115 patch

I have already indicated the stargate symbols on NASA mission patches in this post and discussed the matter as it relates to Isis (Sirius) rituals perpetrated by the fraternally-controlled government in a previous blog post at the "Brave New World Order".

Beautiful bull's eyes and wormholes

The possiblity of wormhole, gateway and vortex crop circles synchromystically connected to these matters was also discussed and I would like to add another point to the debate.
This season had a weird crop circle that didn't look like much til after I viewed it with Sirius and stargates on the brain. Now it looks like a dog (Sirius is the dog star) entering a C-shaped wormhole.

Sirius Satelite Radio's creepy corporate sigil. See the dog sitting on the O just like the dog in the crop circle standing on the O or sphere?

One more stargate then I'm done, for now...

The London eye--click on the link below to see my theory about this crazy structure.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Key to Atlantis: The Magic Mushroom

There seems, in my mind at least, an undeniable link between the magic mushroom and the story of Atlantis. In fact they might be one and the same thing!

I came to this conclusion while pondering the differences and similarities between the works of two people I respect very highly. That is the alternative ancient histories of Terence McKenna and Michael Tsarion. Both agree that there is a hidden history that is unknown to the masses but differ greatly on what the "key" to that history is. Michael believes strongly in the physical existence of Atlantis (the Garden of Eden) while McKenna denied the need for a truly ancient technologically advanced culture and concentrated on magic mushrooms. In both world views there is a need for “something” that drastically changed the course of human evolution in our distant past. McKenna say in his “Tree of Life” lecture “that the mind doubled in size in 200 000 years” and quotes Langston as saying “The most spectacular transformation of a major organ of a higher animal in the entire fossil record”. He goes on to note that “Notice, it is the organ that created the theory of evolution itself”. People like Michael however, taking their information from the ancient stories of many civilizations sacred texts and the occult knowledge of secret societies, come up with the drastic change of humanity in the Garden of Eden (note that even McKenna’s lecture makes reference to the Garden in its title “Tree of Life”) being due to genetic manipulation by the Atlantean aliens.
I believe these two stories are referring to the same event.

The psychic trauma of the genetic manipulation and cataclysmic destruction of Mu and Atlantis is the same story as McKenna’s speculations about the traumatic loss experienced by our forefathers as they were separated from there mutual symbiotic relationship between them and entheogenic plants. The Garden of Eden and the fall of man from Gods grace… McKenna ascribes the loss of the mushroom due to environmetal canges.

To illustrate lets look at a few other similarities that come to mind today, without having the time to really explore this in the depth it deserves right now, as I am eager to get this speculation out on the blog! Maybe a more detailed explanation will follow if the need arises.

The caduceus which is analogous the tree in the Garden of Eden with its coiled serpent is also at the same time a symbol of medicine and as Jan Irvin and Andrew Rutajit have undeniably shown in “The Pharmacratic Inquisition” video lecture it is also the magic mushroom, especially the Aminita Muscaria. The caduceus (the tree) is also the DNA coil or double helix. The caduceus as DNA symbol and tree seems to fit perfectly with the Atlantis story but how does it fit with entheogenic (or god manifesting) plants? We need to look no further than anthropologist Jeremy Narby’s great book “The Cosmic Serpent” for our answer.

In it we find out that Shamans have always connected their sacred plants like the magic mushroom or the partly coiled vine plant (more coils, spirals)derivative Ayahuasca to snakes. They say that the snakes (sometimes depicted as gods or beings from the stars) are the real teachers that they learn mystical knowledge from when partaking in the ritualistic use of psychedelic plants. Narby goes on to speculate very convincingly that these snakes are the DNA helix. This fits very nicely with Timothy Leary’s eight circuit model of human consciousness where one of the highest circuits that can be developed and turned on by the use of psychedelics is the Neoro-genetic circuit. The circuit that allows one to access the entire history of the organism through conscious communion with the genetic memory inside the DNA! Think also about David Icke and his theories on the junk DNA as transmitters of information between organisms “The one hundred monkeys syndrome” or Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphogenetic Field.

Now we can see the connection between Atlantis and the magic mushroom more clearly with the snake experience of Shamanism and the snake in the Garden of Eden or the Lemurians as Michael interprets it. Snake gods as positive elements in both alternate history views.
But we also have the angels or winged elements in both, as the Nephilim of Atlantis and the wings of the Amanita Muscaria’s mushroom cap. Both represented again by the caduceus.

The word Atlantis is quite possibly derived from Atlas. There were sacred pillar(s) in Atlantis just as the human pillar (the spinal column) has the Atlas at its apex. Holding the head up like Atlas holds up the world. Again both can be symbolized by the caduceus.

Could the Masonic pillar with its stem and bulbous globe be another hidden mushroom?

We also have the strong element of UFO’s in both stories. The Mushroom experience is often connected with the abduction, visitation or contact scenario. In Michael's Atlantis the UFO’s and aliens are the Atlanteans themselves and we can also see how the mushroom looks like the saucer shaped UFO.

(A little drawing I made last year.)

Another thing which came through me today might seem like a stretch to some and profound to others is the fact that Tiamat (the second sun) is somewhat similar to the word Amanita. Amanitas are also referred to in the “Pharmacratic Inquisition” as god’s sun on Earth. A second representation of the sun on Earth as the bright red Amanita mushroom can resemble the sun.

On this Time Magazine cover of Carl Jung no less, (isn’t life perfect?) we can see the whole story I am speaking of alluded to synchronisticly through occult symbols.

See the Lapis or philosophers stone tied to a string which goes up through the coiled serpents into their mouths? The lapis on page 308-309 of Manly P. Hall’s “Secret Teachings” is said to be the stone from which the holy grail was carved. Jesus, who it has been shown convincingly, is the magic mushroom as well drank from this same holy grail. Is the Masonic Lapis the magic mushroom? The Amanita also has a stage in its growth where it resembles the holy grail and you can literally pick it and drink from it, it’s magick liquid.

In the introduction to “Sex and Rockets: The Occult World of Jack Parsons” by John Carter we find more clues. Robert Anton Wilson writes that he believes the “narcotic” referred to by authors Knight and Lomas in their Books “The Hiram Key" and “The Second Messiah” used by Pharaohs of ancient Egypt to experience divine illumination is again our Amanita muscaria or psilocybin magic mushrooms! The Hiram Key here is said to derive from actual events that took place in ancient Egypt where the last Pharaoh of the native dynasty refused to reveal the secrets of this ritual (its ingredient) and was killed by the Hyskos dynasty in the manner of the widows son. The lost word or Hiram Key being then our magic mushroom.

If the philosophers stone, lapis, Hiram Key, Tree of Life, Hermes’ Staff (Caduceus), UFO’s, Holy Grail, snakes,globe with pillar, DNA, Jesus and Atlantis can all be convincingly shown to be intimately connected to the magic mushroom then don’t we have a clear picture here?!

Image taken from Manly P. Hall's "Secret Teachings". The whole story again in one picture. Jesus and the lapis and the idea of a vegetable (plant), the mushroom?

Think about the suppression of drugs in our culture through the fraternally controlled governments. Think also about how they threw Timothy Leary in jail for daring to give the masses their holy grail!

Would it be rash to speculate with this knowledge that in the really high ranks of O.T.O, Freemasons, Rosicrutians and Illuminati they partake in the ritual use of their philosophers stone while withholding its secrets from us at the bottom of the pyramid? Is it possible that there is more than just the finest wines in the world coursing through the veins and pineal glands of the elite at Bohemian Grove? I wonder…

For a continuing more in-depth analysis of this subject visit my new blog where I will expand on this fascinating topic.

For more background on astrotheology and shamanism

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