Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Phrygian Liberty Cap and the Magic Mushroom

The most famous iconic image of the French revolution has to be the painting by Eugene Delacroix "Liberty Leading the People".
I was paging through an art book recently with a friend and was immediately able to point out a few things about this painting because of having been reading "Talisman" by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval. In this great book (about, as the full title suggests Sacred Cities and Secret Faith) we read on pages 6-7 under the Chapter Heading The Tricolour Goddess with the Phrygian Cap that during the French revolution the 'goddess reason' was frequently personified by an actresses wearing the tricolored veil and the Phrygian Liberty cap.

We also learn that the Phrygian liberty cap, which was a popular head piece amongst the public and the most zealous factions of the French Revolution, is originally associated with two pagan deities Mithra and Cybele.

Mithra with Liberty cap

Further in this wonderful passage we find that Cybele is associated with Isis and on page 4 of the same book we are told that when the Bastille fell a statue was erected in its place of a bare breasted goddess, again Isis.
Now if we look at the painting above we can see this image in a new light. 'Liberty' is a composite Goddess confirmed by the Phrygian Liberty cap (Cybele) and the bare breasts (Isis) who are in the end one and the same as well as 'the goddess reason'. We even have the tricolored veil represented by the French flag said to be worn buy actresses playing the ritualistic role of 'the goddess reason' during the revolution.
The point of all this is to show how a specific pagan ideology was at least in part at work during the French revolution. The obvious group we think of in this context is the Freemasons. We have their calling cards when considering the Isis goddess symbols and even the tricolor flag. Further we know that 'The statue of Liberty' was given to the United States by the French and was designed by a Mason. If we, with this in mind, look again at "Liberty Leading the People" our eyes are opened to the fact that this is also the classic stance of America's 'lady liberty' and confirms as well what we should already know. That when we look at the Statue of Liberty we are in fact looking at the Masonic goddess!

Some of this is confirmed in the Wikipedia article about the painting (URL above).
The posture (though not the attire) of the figure in the painting suggests that of the Statue of Liberty, designed by French sculptor Frederic Bartholdi in the 1880s.

Another "Liberty Cap" is a famous psychedelic magic mushroom by the same name, so called because of its unmistakable resemblance to the Phrygian cap. Or, as we shall see vice versa...

It seems quite possible taking this into account that the Liberty cap worn by Mithra and Cybele is a symbol for the magic mushroom. This isn't a stretch when we remember that many other deities specifically the crucified saviors like Jesus and Krishna (and Hermes' staff the Caduceus) have been shown by researchers Andrew Rutajit and Jan Irvin to be interchangeable with the red amanita muscaria magic mushroom. Indeed Mithra himself is a crucified savior and quite possibly a prototypical Jesus figure.
In popular culture we see the Smurfs wearing Liberty caps and even living inside of amanita muscaria mushrooms.

Following the theme of this blog I would like to suggest a tentative possible connection between Atlantis and the Phrygian Liberty cap, which I hope at least has been well established as directly connected to the magic mushroom.
Freemasons including Benjamin Franklin, which documentaries like "Secret Mysteries of Americas Beginnings" convincingly show were influenced by Rosicrutian leader Francis Bacon's "The New Atlantis", tells us that these people had Atlantis on there minds when adding fuel to these revolutions.
Interesting to speculate now that the Freemasonic mushroom inspired Liberty cap was worn by there gods and goddesses and then by revolutionaries while preparing the ground work for the control of the new world or their "New Atlantis".

A Time cover with the Phrygian cap spewing out of a volcano. For more volcanoes, mountains and many other fraternal symbols on Time covers see my other blog here

For more posts at "The Brave New World Order" about mushrooms and Atlantis try
http://thebravenewworldorder.blogspot.com/2006/08/key-to-atlantis-magic-mushroom.html and


Blogger faramirofminastirith said...

It's not.... "the goddess reason,"

it's....... the Goddess, [who we call] "Reason."

10:15 PM  
Blogger faramirofminastirith said...

It's not.... "the goddess reason,"

it's....... the Goddess, [who we call] "Reason."

10:16 PM  
Blogger freeman said...

I think you would truly enjoy the Freeman Perspective. http://thefreemanperspective.blogspot.com/
Here are a couple of shots I took of the Columbia statue on UT campus. Notice the Phrygian cap...and the fish-people.
Because it is sometimes so unbelievable, the truth escapes becoming known.


8:02 PM  
Blogger dr.alistair said...

and crowley wears an interesting hat in that famous p.r. shot of him with his fists pressed into his temples.....

and freeman has some seriously interesting work.

7:14 AM  
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Blogger fulllotus said...

If I find my amanita muscaria fruiting this year -- we just had enough rain so it's possible -- then I'm going to watch the Smurfs while in full lotus tripping on the shroom. haha.


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