Sunday, August 20, 2006

Destruction of Atlantis and Mu as symbol for loss of magic mushroom

Instead of a physical and cataclysmic destruction of an advanced Atlantean/Lemurian civilization I propose rather a psychospiritual loss of cosmic consciousness of ancient man (maybe even a synthesis of both!). This traumatic loss resulting in the neurosis we jokingly call "modern mans advanced technological history" and the materialist/rationalistic consensus trance. The psychosis referred to here brought on by the loss of the symbiotic relationship between early man and entheogenic (god manifesting) plants that started our rapid evolutionary change (+- 30 000 years ago).

Just like the pre-human creatures in Kubricks "2001: A Space Odyssey" being influenced by the alien monolith to develop tool use and technology we could speculate the relationship between man and mushroom stimulated rapid evolutionary advances like language itself (think Terence McKenna). We should note here that McKenna speculated that the psilocybin mushroom itself could be from outer space.
Also the emphasis again here on ancient monoliths, square stones from space (lapis), pillars and columns seem very likely candidates for symbols of magic mushrooms.
Please see previous post for more on Atlantean/Masonic pillars and mushrooms.

The magic mushroom often relate to the contact, visitation, abduction and UFO scenarios.

-Could the ever increasing attention of alternative ancient history theories in our zeitgeist like the wonderful one's of Michael Tsarion and Zecharia Sitchin involving alien races be because of our re-awakening into cosmic consciousness and potential reconnection with the cosmic community of super intelligences?

-Is Atlantis and Lemuria part of a "garden of Eden" genetic memory now resurfacing because of our ever increasing awareness of our interconnectedness made evident by acceleration of technology related to the singularity, eschaton and 2012 ideas? Is the current instability in the human political, social and religious spheres related to the birth pains of this growing sense of awareness?

-Have the secret society's and fraternally controlled government and media moguls conspired to keep this ancient knowledge to themselves to cement their position as our overlords possibly in cahoots with forces as yet beyond our conception hinted at by their constant referral to a "Great White Brotherhood"? While at the same time enjoying the secret of the philosophers stone and holy grail (magic mushroom) and denying us the serpent (DNA) knowledge this provides them?

-Have hidden occult symbols like this new NASA mission patch been hinting at these strange revelations?

The red swish originating from behind the three big stars and continues to coil around the planetoid forming the nr 6 and Saturn. The red swish also being possibly the red royal serpent bloodlines from Egypt's cult of Aten (maybe even back into Atlantis) possibly from the star systems Draco or Sirius. The red bloodline from Sirius (always in rough alignment with Orion's belt I believe?) coming down from the stars coiling around the planet like the snake? In context of my new developing theory about Atlantis being synonymous with magic mushrooms the red royal serpent bloodlines (they who walk on the red carpet) could be the families who keep the secret of the Amanita muscaria (the red magic mushroom) and the knowledge of the coiled snakes (DNA helix).

More on the syncromystic significance of this NASA patch at

I would like to make it clear that I am not trying to suggest one view (either magic mushroom or Atlantis) as superior and more valid than the other, just yet. Rather I suggest that there is too much evidence that both are possibly valid and that they need to be integrated into a new theory of ancient alternative history including elements of both world views.


Blogger Tiny Tones said...

Are you sure mankind's relationship with the hallucinogenic mushrooms has ended? I felt pretty mushied by the time I got half way through your entry. Blog on!

10:16 AM  
Blogger Jake Kotze said...

Good piont. Yes it has not ended but has been extremely surpressed!

Thank you!

10:31 AM  

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