Saturday, August 19, 2006

Atlantis: The name and the pillar

In Manly P. Hall's "Secret Teachings" we learn (page 80) that Plato wrote in his "Critias" that Poseidon, the God who was given rule over Atlantis and the sea, named Atlantis and the surrounding oceans (Atlantic) after his son Atlas. Further Atlantis is said to be located west of the Pillars of Hercules or the Straight of Gibraltar submerged under the sea (page 79).
The legend of Atlantis includes many references to pillar(s) in which the knowledge of Atlantis was inscribed.
I believe that these pillars could quite possibly be symbolic of the magic mushroom and the bright red Amanita muscaria in particular. Freemasons and Rosicrucians have also many pillars in there ancient stories and sacred texts like Jachin and Boaz of Solomon's temple, quite possibly derived from the ancient accounts of the pillars of Atlantis. The pillars of masonry are also then good candidates for magic mushroom.
Atlas famously holds the world on his shoulders. This seems to be symbolically shown in the Masonic pillar with the Earth sphere on its top. The Rosicrucian manual of the AMORC on page 101 states that the spinal column has 33 (a number of amazing importance to secret societies) sections when you take the Atlas as the first section. The Atlas then holds up the head just like the mythical Atlas holds up the world as shown figuratively by the Masonic pillar with globe. Thus we can deduce that the Masonic pillar or column could also be a representation of the human spinal column (with its 33 sections).

Another symbol for the spinal column often found in fraternal contexts is the caduceus or staff of Hermes. Hermes is also said to have inscribed a pillar in Atlantis with all their sacred knowledge to preserve this information from the destruction in the coming deluge. The caduceus with its rod and disc also reminds us of the Masonic pillar and has been convincingly shown to also be a representation of the magic mushroom by Jan Irvin and Andrew Rutajit in there "Pharmacratic Inquisition" video lecture.
Now we have the name of Atlantis and its pillars or columns strongly connected to the magic mushroom.


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I had a lucid dream a while back, where I met a fairy-like woman who had helped me before in my dreams after a long and disturbing "dark night of the soul." We put our hands and feet together and began communicating telepathically...As soon as we did, I suddenly "remembered" a friend of mine who wasn't human - he was a MUSHROOM! I got extremely excited, and asked her how I could have forgotten them...She said that the influence of religious folks usually makes us forget who we are...

I have some interesting connections with several other themes in your blog, which I'm detailing in my own synchromystic website...I still have tons of work to do on it, but you can check out a bit of it here:

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